Ultrasound Scanner AR580A (portable color doppler)

Ultrasound Scanner AR580A (portable color doppler)

•The dynamic color doppler (CFM), color dopplerenergy figure (CPD)

•Pulsed doppler (PW), continuous doppler (CW)

•15 "high resolution color LCD display

•The heart, blood vessel function measurementpackages measuring software packages

•General adult and children the heart, diagnosis andtreatment of abdominal, gynecology and obstetrics,urology, pediatrician, endocrine division, etc

•Peripheral vascular, small organs (breast, eye,esophagus, muscle, etc) transcranial, during, puncture,etc

•Single frame B/double frame B / 4 frame B, M or B +M, CFM + M, CFM + fig.3 MCAOStandard unit: main unit+over wide frequencyconversion convex array (abdomen) probe


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